To the Editor:

The Dave Cary REVIEW story on page 2 of the September 19, 2013 issue has several misstatements of fact.

1) The bold faced headline, Board approves $12 million school budget is incorrect. The major action item of any annual meeting is the approval of the school district tax levy which was actually approved for $12,574,939. Our total district budget is approximately $27.76 million dollars, part of which is funded by the levy.

2) The levy increase is currently estimated at 39 cents per thousand. This was correctly stated in the leader headline but misstated in the feature article as 39 cents per $100,000. Further the estimated is based on equalized valuation and not necessary assessed valuation which can vary from municipality to municipality.

3) President Rhyan never stated that a district dietitian was a mandated position. There have indeed been various federal mandates regarding our hot lunch program which have changed its nature in recent years. A staff dietitian is not among these requirements. Further, our dietitian is not a member of our food service staff, but is funded by community education and most of her advocacy is in making good nutritional choices a community wide goal.

4) Please note to the community that details of President Rhyan’s and Superintendent Dassow’s presentations referenced in the article are available on the Plymouth School District website.

Jon J. Miller
Director of Business Services
Plymouth Joint School District

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