Playing a round — but not me — for a good cause

Emmitt B. Feldner  for The Review

We attended a golf fund-raising event in our daughter-in-law Julia’s honor a few weekends ago, but they were smart enough not to let me golf in it.

If they had, they would have lost all the money they might have made after paying for all the damage I would have wrought playing a round of golf.

There’s no telling how many windows in the clubhouse and windshields in the parking lot I could have broken in 18 holes – not to mention how many golf balls I could have lost, clubs I could have broken and gophers I could have brained.

The event was “Tee’d Off at MS” and we were all on Team Julia – although any team I’m part of would fall far short of being a Dream Team.

It was put together by Julia’s family – her sisters and mother – at a golf course near where she grew up in central Wisconsin and where one of her sisters works.

Julia was diagnosed with active/ aggressive multiple sclerosis several years ago. It has affected mainly her feet and legs thus far but she’s still fighting it and doing what she can.

It did give her an excuse not to try golfing during the fundraiser and embarrassing herself, but I had no such excuse – I just didn’t golf because I’m no good at it.

We did go up and help out with the event in whatever way we could – setting up for the dinner part of the event, taking pictures, helping to collect money and more.

I was able to contribute in one small way.

The event included a raffle of various donated items, which included about a dozen caps autographed by former Packers and Brewers.

Unfortunately, none of Julia’s sisters could decipher any of the autographs, so I got to figure out who they were so they could describe the raffle prizes on the signs.

I probably could have made up a whole bunch of fictitious names, because when I told them who they were – people like Jerry Kramer and Jim Gantner – none of Julia’s sisters knew who I was talking about.

I could have said the caps were autographed by Curly Lambeau, Don Hutson, Babe Ruth and Warren Spahn and they probably would have believed me – although a few of the prize winners might have been upset when they found out whose autographs were really on the caps they won.

We were also in charge of keeping Aiden entertained and out of the way of the golfers, which really wasn’t too big a challenge.

Mee-Mee did take Aiden around with her on the golf cart while she was taking pictures of the golfers, but she wouldn’t go so far as letting him drive the cart, no matter how much he begged.

He spent most of his time wandering around the patio area where the dinner and prizes were set up and climbing the trees around the clubhouse – just his usual pursuits, really.

Our niece from Chicago and her partner even made it up to join their cousin-in-law – if that’s not a word, I just made it up - for the event, although they didn’t play any golf, either.

Golfing genes just don’t run in my family, I’m afraid to say.

We stuck around for dinner – of course – and the raffle that followed.

Naturally, we didn’t win any of the prizes we put in tickets for – I’m as good at raffles as I am at golf, apparently.

But it was all for a good cause and they did make some money – since I didn’t play golf – for the MS Society.

I guess I’ll just have to start working on my golf game for next year’s event – it’s never too late to learn a new game, is it?

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