To the Editor:

Where is our President when we need leadership? A good leader builds a working majority. A good leader brokers a deal that looks out of the box and takes the best ideas that benefit the majority of us. A leader builds confidence, not division. Name calling and false accusations of those who do not blindly agree with your position is not conducive to a positive solution.

As a Nation, a State or a City we should recognize that living beyond our checkbook is not a solution. We should be able to agree on one thing and that is excess debt is a disaster waiting to happen.

We must run government similar to the way we run our households. We cannot have two or three mortgages on our house at the same time, therefore, how can you have a $ 17 trillion debt?

If you want to change programs or add one, that is fine, then you must reduce or eliminate an equal amount from your spending. Is this so hard to do?

Each of us live on some sort of budget to balance things out, when will you have a budget and live within it?

We may not agree on the same process but we should recognize the result when we improve the debt service position such as the State of Wisconsin and the City of Plymouth have done.

Sometimes we forget that sacrifices are needed. I look back to my own elementary grade school years when once a month I sold War Savings Bond Stamps for 25 cents to put in your stamp book. These were called U.S. Savings Bonds.

I had bonds, my parents had bonds and so did a lot of Americans. We all bought into the future of a better tomorrow. Where is a similar program today for citizens of our U.S.A. to find a common cause? All of us need to have some “skin” in the game.

I don’t have the answer, but living on debt is wrong. Living the “party” line is wrong.

It is unconscionable that 100% of one side or the other is so indebted to the “party and power” that not one person breaks ranks.

Name calling and hateful rhetoric is wrong. Dividing communities is wrong. You are “place holders” of an office that has fiduciary responsibility to your constituents who will hold you responsible.

Your power is only temporary and some day you will return to being one of us “ordinary little people”.

Please take the power we gave you seriously. Government employees should not live better than its citizens.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Federal government, join America, put yourselves on the Social Security System that you designed for us.

Come join us and do not subsidize and have your own special “government guaranteed pension” or “health insurance plan”.

My parents were part of the greatest generation and gave us the opportunities we have. What are you going to give the next generation?

Don Pohlman
Plymouth Mayor

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