Time to end obstructionism and govern

THE REVIEW IS A small business which has continued to offer health insurance to our employees, even though costs have risen exponentially year after year after year, forcing us to choose plans with higher and higher deductibles just to keep the premiums affordable.

We are very interested to know whether the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) can provide a better deal for our employees than the current unaffordable, broken system. Count us among those who want to see how the law plays out.

Count us among those who are absolutely opposed to the stupidity of jeopardizing the still fragile economic recovery, by shutting down the federal government or threatening the government’s credit.

These tactics and their potentially very serious results, are being forced upon us by an extremist Republican minority in the House, and the non-extremists who don’t have enough courage to stand up to them. These people cannot accept the plain fact that the ACA is already law. It passed Congress, was signed by the president, upheld by the Supreme

Court, and survived a presidential election. Not to mention, it survived over 40 futile attempts in the

House to repeal it.

If they want to change or repeal the law, let them try to win elections so they have enough votes to make the changes. Not hold the entire country hostage over an already existing law that millions of us would actually like to be given a chance to work.

It is high time, long past time actually, for Congress, including our local Rep. Tom Petri, to demand a stop to these irresponsible, destructive, un-democratic, governmentby crisis tactics. It is past time for our representatives to let the Speaker of the House know that their constituents are just looking for affordable health care and a stable economy. They must tell Speaker Boehner to allow the entire House to vote on bills that will actually pass, or figure out a way to elect a Speaker who will. Not wage scorched-earth politics in a desperate and damaging attempt to overturn laws they don’t like.

Enough is enough!

At issue:
Shutdown, Affordable Care
Bottom line:
End it and let it work

Readers Comments

I am very disappointed by
Submitted by wwieser@wi.rr.com on Wed, 2013-10-16 19:33.
I am very disappointed by your comments and tone of your comments.
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