Riverview fifth-graders enjoy eco-adventure

Fifth-graders from Riverview Middle School in Plymouth climb the rock wall at Camp Y-Koda during a recent eco-adventure.>

Fifth-graders at Riverview Middle School in Plymouth recently spent a day at Camp Y-Koda for an outdoor eco-adventure and team-building educational program.

Two homeroom classes from the school went each day from Sept. 25 to 27. Groups of about 10 students experienced four stations for about an hour each. The stations were:

·Rope Swing and Islands: On the rope swing, the group had to figure out how to get from one side of an imaginary river to the other by use of a rope that is hanging in the middle. On the islands, the group must cross from a mainland to another mainland by way of an island in the middle, using one board.

·Outdoor Survival: The group was read a survival story and then had to decide what items they would choose to survive the situation. For each answer they got correct, they were given one cotton ball. The group then were given instructions on proper fire building so they could use a magnesium strip to get a fire started using their cotton balls as the initial source of ignition.

· Blind Hunter, Hot Chocolate, and Rope Maze: These team-building events stressed leadership, communication, cooperation and leading under pressure.

· Climbing Wall: Students got a chance to climb the 40-foot rock wall.

Students had to rely on each other for ideas and support, rather than individual athletic achievement. The confidence-building activities stress leadership, communication, cooperation, and leading under pressure.

RAPT, the school’s parent-teacher organization, covered part of the cost of the field trip, and families paid $4 for each child to cover the rest.

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