New antennas approved for Appleton Street tower

by Emmitt B. Feldner of The Review staff

PLYMOUTH – The controversial wireless tower on Appleton Street will be getting another set of antennas.

The new array will be at a lower level, below existing antennas on the 150-foot tower at 120 Appleton St.

The Plan Commission Thursday approved the addition after receiving an engineering report from Excel. Net Inc. of Sheboygan, which is placing the new antennas on the tower.

The request had been tabled by the commission in May with the request that Excel.Net provide a full engineering study.

“The engineering study has come back favorable,” Mayor Donald Pohlman told the commissioners.

Excel.Net was seeking the antenna in order to complete their wireless Internet service in the city. The company is currently utilizing an antenna on a Mill Street building roof in downtown, but Matt Rose of Excel.Net told the commission in May that the company was not able to link wirelessly to its other antennas in the area from that location.

“They’ve complied with everything they need to do,” Building Inspector Pete Scheuerman told the commission. “They are installing a new array and it’s on a new platform,” that will be lower than the existing platforms on the tower.

The commission recommended a property transfer to help get part of a County PP business off the highway right-of-way.

They recommended that the City Council approve a transfer of 1,436 square feet of land to Norm and Scott Raeder, owners of High Star Supply Co.

City Administrator Brian Yerges explained that High Star purchased the former wastewater treatment plant at 703 County PP a number of years ago and moved their business into the building.

“When we looked at the old certified survey map, we found about 15 feet or so of the building is shown to be not within their property but within the right-ofway,” of the county highway, Yerges noted.

The issue came up because Norm Raeder is transferring ownership of the business to his son Scott and that was when the discrepancy was discovered, according to Yerges.

“Why this wasn’t cleared up in 1984, I don’t know,” Yerges admitted. “I can’t answer as to why it was originally done this way. He (Norm Raeder) had some discussion in the past with Plymouth Utilities but he wasn’t able to get anywhere with it.”

He noted that the road right-of-way extends to 50 feet south of the centerline of County PP in front of the former wastewater plant property, while it is only 33 feet from the centerline along the rest of County PP. Yerges added that he had no explanation for that difference either.

If the council approves the 15-foot property transfer, the Raeders must still get approval from the county for it to take effect.

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