To the Editor:

My compliments on the editorial “Time to end obstructionism and govern”. Personally, the more I learn about the new health care law, the more questions I have, particularly with the cost and sustainability. However, I am hopeful it will do more good than harm, and as you know, like any major initiative, no doubt there will be changes made going forward.

Personally, I’m very disappointed with Congress and allowing the partial government shutdown to occur. It obviously opened the door to a lot of unnecessary angst and hardship, whether it is the hundreds of thousands of workers wondering how long they will be out of work and when they will receive their next pay check, the hundreds of thousands wondering how long they will not receive services, and it certainly opened the door to mischief and poor decisions such as gating the pathway to the outdoor World War II Monument – how sad. The only winners appear to be the political talk show hosts.

I think this is a good example of the farther you are away from home, the more out-oftouch you can become. I don’t know how anyone, Republican or Democrat in Congress, can believe this is the right thing to do, or that this reflects well on them. As Americans, we should expect far better from our elected leaders. Instead, I think many people become increasingly cynical about government and except this as just more of the same incompetent and out-of-touch leadership in Washington.

I hope cooler heads will prevail soon.

Adam Payne
County Administrator

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