To the Editor:

Thank you for your always insightful editorials. I agree 100% with this one “Time to end obstructionism and govern” and have left communication to our Rep Tom Petri several times over the last week to pass a CR without strings attached to health care reform and have urged others to do the same. It has been unconscionable to have such a disparity in the access to health care.

Thank you for your editorial on women in government also. Darlene Navis passed it on to me and had great praise for your work.

The County and City have their own health care issues. With the cost of a family plan (even family of 2) at over $20,000 we have plenty of “excess fat” to get rid of in local government. We’re working to get our local government costs in-line with industry.

I’m told government is slow to adapt change so I’m hoping some changes will be in place for 2015.

Fay Uraynar
Supervisor - District 2

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