Cascade stiffens alley rules

by Abby Lynn Harvey of The Review staff

CASCADE – An ongoing issue with the blockage of an alley in the village has prompted the adoption of a new village ordinance setting guidelines for alleyway usage and fines for violations.

The ordinance was drafted after the Board noted the prolonged storage of personal property in the alley behind Marshall’s Gas and Goods. The owner of the vehicles blocking the alley was contacted and the alley was surveyed to verify where the property line fell. After further contact between board members, the police chief and the property owner, the vehicles and other items were removed.

At the September meeting it was noted that vehicles had again been seen parked in the alleyway. Ticketing was suggested but Village President David Jaeckels noted that the current ordinances applied only to roadways and were not valid in alleyways. The new ordinance, applying parking laws to the village’s alleyways, was suggested and presented to the board at their Tuesday evening meeting.

“The whole thing is to have something for people who are blocking the alleyway and have been more than just blatantly disobeying requests,” Jaeckels said. “We all know what the intent of this ordinance is.”

The ordinance states that public parking or obstruction of village alleys is prohibited at all times. This includes all motorized or non-motorized vehicles, motor homes, mobile homes, travel trailers, camper trailers, utility-transport trailers, box-style trucks and moving storage trailers/pods. Exempt from the ordinance are vehicles owned by the village, law enforcement or fire vehicles, and commercial vehicles while directly engaged in activities for which such vehicles are necessary – for example delivery trucks.

Fines for violating the ordinance were set at $50 for a first offense and $100 for any subsequent offenses, which is higher than a standard parking ticket in the village.

“I think we should make it punitive enough that we don’t have an issue, because that’s the whole idea,” Jaeckels said.

It was suggested that a warning would likely precede the issuance of a ticket.

Village resident Shelly Hendrickson was in attendance to voice concerns over the selection process for businesses in the spotlight portion of the village newsletter. Hendrickson had submitted material to be published but it was not included. She stated it seemed unfair that a local sportsman’s club was included however, although they are not located in the village itself.

It was decided that the issue would be passed along to the Communications Committee and would be resolved there.

Any resident with ideas for the resolution of this issue is welcome to contact a member of the committee and/or attend an upcoming meeting of the committee. The meeting will be posted. Members are Steve Green, Jim Larson and Craig DeSmidt.

The board will begin looking into replacing several pieces of village equipment in the near future. Up for discussion are the village dump truck, tractor and wood chipper. Board members have been assigned items to research and will report back at a future meeting.

Residents are reminded to be demonstrate caution when crossing State 28. Although there are designated cross walks, it seems that many driver do not yield to pedestrians. Drivers are reminded to stop for pedestrians crossing the road and acknowledge crosswalks.

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