Into the abyss

To the Editor:

The Review editorial on Oct. 3 makes some good points about why Republicans should accept Obamacare and move on. That opinion does not account for the underlying reasons that people continue to resist its implementation. Indeed, this law is another arrow into the heart of the fundamental beliefs that sustained this nation throughout our history.

It has only been recently that the IRS specifically delayed and harassed any tea party group seeking tax exempt status. Once our government is in control of your health care it will be easy to discriminate against political opponents in need of medical care as well. Just because you agree with the administration now does not mean that you will agree with them as we descend into the abyss of an all encompassing government. Then it will be too late to disagree.

Obamacare was sold as a way to level the playing field between the rich and the poor. That is not happening. Instead, we are moving into a world where the rich and privileged are the administrators of the law. Those folks will be first in line whether it be the grocery store or the doctor’s office. President Obama already is making sure that government employees and crony capitalists are well taken care of by unilaterally exempting them from having to participate with the rest of us in his healthcare scheme.

Our government now controls every aspect of our lives. Every law and regulation creates enough gray areas that a zealous comrade will be able to suck any well intentioned citizen into the black hole of a government investigation. Obamacare, along with all of the other government mandates, gives our overseers the means to ruin anyone who refuses to conform.

Dennis Gasper

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