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To the Editor:

On October 24th Rotary International and Plymouth Rotary will celebrate End Polio Now Day - worldwide effort to eradicate polio. Polio, there's no polio. Some ask what is polio? Some can't forget the crippling disease that affected children decades ago. Do you remember getting a sugar cube with purple medicine in a nationwide attempt to curb the spread of polio? RI in conjunction with UNICEF, the CDC, the World Health Organization and the Bill & Melinda Gates Founation have partnered in this effort. In 1985, RI committed $120 million dollars for the first internationally, private sector support of a public funded initiative. By 1987 Rotarians raised $247 million dollars, more than double the goal. But the efforts continue as polio is not gone. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have pledged $350 million dollars with the caveat that Rotarians worldwide match it. We did and then some. Currently polio is in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Nigeria. A country can not have any new cases of polio for one year to be declared polio free. And it is as some say, a flight away from coming back here.

Plymouth Rotary meets on Wed., at 12pm at the Dairy State Restaurant on E. Mill Street. They have put coin boxes on tables that say End Polio Now. Coin boxes can also be found at the Van- Horn Auto Group Dealerships. If you'd like to help, please donate your spare change to our ongoing efforts. It costs 60 cents to immunize a child, $350 for insulated vaccine carriers and $100 for 800 purple pens to mark fingers of those vaccinated. Rotarians and other volunteers pay their own way to aid in National Immunization Days. On behalf of Plymouth Rotary we thank you for your donation. The world is 99% polio free. We are (as we say) this close. For more information go to www.endpolio.org.

Thank you,
Don Pohlman
Plymouth Rotary President

Karen White
Plymouth Rotary Secretary/
District Governor Nominee

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