To the Editor:

Typically I don’t feel it is appropriate for a non-partisan local official to use his position and inject himself into national, contentious debate; however, I feel compelled due to the recent letters by the top county employee and a fellow supervisor in order to inform the public that the views expressed in those letters are certainly not the views of the County Board as a whole.

One letter ironically empathizes with the “hundreds of thousands of (public sector) workers wondering how long they will be out of work or when they will receive their next pay check” rather than the millions of private sector workers who are getting cut back to part-time, losing their jobs, losing their employer health insurance or seeing their premiums skyrocket as a result of Obamacare. These are the real world challenges that the Republicans in Congress are fighting for! Personally I understand the effect of Obamacare. As of January 1, 2014, I can longer keep my insurance (despite the President’s promise), my rates have more than doubled since the law passed even though I doubled my deductible (despite the President promising rates will go down).

The leaders in Congress have offered to sit down to compromise; however, the democrats and President have refused. The Republicans in the House have passed bills to fund NIH, National Parks, Veteran’s Programs and many other items, the Democrats and President have said that they will not “negotiate with a gun to their head.” Further, the executive branch has doubled down by closing down open air memorials, closing private companies that reside on federal land, barricading roads to Mt. Rushmore (actions not taken during previous shutdowns) all in an effort to inflict as much pain as possible on the public. This is not leadership. This is certainly not how we operate on the county board. We actually pass a budget every year. We go through department by department. We don’t just pass a Continuing Resolution bumping up spending in all areas.

Further, The Review argued in an Editorial that it is law and they (Republicans) should win elections if they want to change it. They did win elections – they control the House. I didn’t vote for Rep. Petri to rubber stamp the President’s agenda!

Finally, another letter mentioned the current “disparity in access to health care.” Unfortunately she wasn’t referring to the exemption of Congress to Obamacare or delaying the mandate on big business. A system where government picks the winners (giving exemptions) and losers (the rest of us whose rates keep skyrocketing and are subject to the individual mandate) actually furthers the disparity.

As a side note: the cost of a family insurance plan for Sheboygan County employees was frozen last year and next year will see a 7.3% decrease down to $18,589 (despite the onerous regulations of Obamacare).

Devin LeMahieu
County Board Supervisor

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