Let's look at how shutdown affects a variety of people

Jim Baumgart  Sheboygan County Supervisor

Because Sheboygan County belongs to the National County’s Organization, supervisorsreceive regular news items and are provided a monthly magazine. In a current issue, they list many of the effects of the present United States Government shutdown. While there are some people who are happy with the shutdown, it’s good to remind everyone that it does hurt real people - especially women and children but also businesses, farmers, production workers, trades people and others. Let me list a few areas which are or will soon be affected.

- Department of Agriculture: Conservation Reserve Program and the Wetlands Reserve Program will stop enrollment. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits will continue through October. Child Nutrition programs such as school lunch and breakfast will likely have enough funds available to continue through October. There will be no new funding for Women, Infants and Children Supplemental Feeding Programs and Commodity Assistance Programs. Food Safety Inspection Services will stay on the job.

- Environmental Protection Agency: Most of the 17,000 em- ployees have been furloughed.

-Department of Health and Human Services; There will be no new funds for Head Start and no quarterly fund distributions for the Social Services Block Grant, Child Welfare, Child Care andRefugee programs, with a few exceptions. Also, the Administration for Community Living will not have new funds for the senior nutrition programs.

- Department of Homeland Security; Non-emergency FEMA disaster grants will not have newfunding and state and local grants will not be provided new funding.

- Department of Interior: All areas of the National Park and National Wildlife Refuge systems will be closed and public access will be restricted. All Bureau of Land Management willterminate all non-emergency activities on public lands. A total of 7,707 personnel are exempt from furlough to protect life and property, including law enforcement, wildland fires, animal care and a limited number of other emergency areas.

- Department of Housing and Urban Development: Nearly all of the Fair Housing agencyhousing activities will cease. Additional payments to Public Housing Authorities (PHA) will stop with some exceptions.

- Department of Justice: Training for state and local officers will be discontinued during the shutdown. There will be no new funding for grant programs such as Byme JAG, Juvenile Justice, the Office of Violence Against Women and Community Policing but they can continue operating until carryover funds are depleted.

- Department of Labor: Unemployment insurance operations will function except for administration costs. Disaster National Emergency Grants will be accepted.

- Department of Transportation Federal highway programs are not affected because they are funded through the Highway Trust Fund. Air traffic controllers will stay on the job.

Department of the Treasury: Fiscal Service will maintain payments, collections and daily cash management and processing of essential authority-appropriation transactions. This includes resources to support disbursement of interest of the debt, and disbursement of Social Security and other federal benefits.

I have listed some areas affected by the United States Government shutdown. It provides but the tip of the iceberg of what might happen if the United States Government is stopped from soonraising the national debt on all programs already law. Maybe another major recession or worse?

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