To the Editor:

Re: Your editorial of Oct. 3, 2013

Please, please don’t trip over your facts and use terms like “extremist” and “non-extremists.”

Have you forgotten that Republicans have a big majority in the House? They were voted into that position, in other words they did win! Are you aware that not one Republican in either house voted for Obamacare? They were shut out from offering any amendments. Now that they control the House, they can try to remove this cancer – Obamacare. Being in the insurance business (54 years), I can tell you firsthand that this is the worst law that has been forced on businesses in my career.

You seem to think that once a law is passed, there is no way to change or remove it. Are you aware that a number of laws have been repealed? Do you remember the prohibition law? Just because it’s a law doesn’t mean it can’t be changed or removed.

What’s your position on the debt ceiling? I suppose you’d just recommend increasing it indefinitely. Where does it end?

Tom McRaith
Evanston, Ill.

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