Legislature continues to move tax relief efforts forward
Joe Leibham • 9th Senatorial District

Thanks to the continued prudent fiscal management of our state budget and our ongoing effort to bring more jobs and businesses to Wisconsin, I was proud to help lead an effort with Governor Scott Walker to provide $100 million in property tax relief for the homeowners in our state while putting an additional $153.2 million of extra tax revenue into our state rainy day fund. In addition, we approved new state funding for programs that will help more of our fellow citizens who are currently unemployed receive training to help them get a job. These initiatives continue my effort to provide meaningful tax relief to the hard-working citizens of our state while investing sustainable levels of funding for key government services.

The property tax relief will come as a result of the fact that the state will invest $100 million of additional state tax dollars over the next two years to fund our public schools. This new state money will offset local tax levies that would have been funded via the property tax. While the specific amount of relief will vary around the state, the owner of a medianvalued home should see a reduction of $13 in this year’s property tax and an additional $20 next year. While not overly substantial, it is a reduction and this will mark the 3rd straight year in which property taxes across the state have gone up less than 1 percent on average.

I constantly hear from constituents who have concerns with high property tax rates in our state. Property ownership is a great right for all Americans and government taxes should not be the obstacle to accomplishing this goal or the reason why a family or a senior has to sell their home. The property tax relief bill passed will reduce taxes and encourage property ownership.

The property tax relief comes on top of the substantial income tax relief initiative that will also be implemented over the next two years. Again, I was pleased to help lead this effort by which every income tax bracket will be lowered and therefore every income tax payer will pay less of their hard earned income to their state government. Under this initiative, the average income taxpayer will pay an average of $152 less in income taxes each year.

As I mentioned earlier, even with these substantial tax relief initiatives, we have also placed a record amount of money into our state’s rainy day fund and we continue to provide sustainable levels of funding, and in some cases new funding, for important government programs like public education, Medicaid, transportation, economic development and public safety. I am proud of this balanced approach and will continue to work each day to ensure we are properly managing our state finances while being respectful to the tax payers of this state.

As always, it has been a pleasure communicating with you. Please remember to communicate with me and share your input by calling 888-295-8750, writing to me at P.O. Box 7882, Madison, WI 53707-7882, or by e-mailing me at You can also log on to the 9th Senate District on-line office at

It is an honor to work for and represent the residents of the 9th District in the State Senate.


The Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) is currently surveying all residents of Wisconsin to determine if the Department of Safety & Professional Services (DSPS) should be combined with the Department of Agriculture Trade & Consumer Protection (DATCP) to create one department called the Department of Agriculture, Regulation and Trade (DART).

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) added a provision to the 2013-2015 State Budget to require the DOA to conduct a study that would consult the departments, boards an councils attached to or under those agencies and members of the public who may be affected by a consolidation of DSPS and DATCP. DOA is required to submit recommendations based on their findings to the JFC by January 1, 2014.

If you and/or your business interact with DSPS or DATCP, please take a moment to complete the survey at the link below. It is important that we gather input from end-users who will be impacted by a potential consolidation. http://6.selectsur-

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