Martha Laning

Dear Editor,

Recently, I took advantage of the opportunity to listen to Martha Laning announce her candidacy for the 9th Senate District. Even though the 2014 election is over a year away, it is refreshing to know that a challenger for Sen. Leibham’s seat has already stepped forward.

I want my Senator to be an honest pragmatic leader who makes a sincere effort to represent ALL constituents…a leader who can bring people together to collaborate and find the compromises that help us to collectively deal with the REAL issues facing this state.

Wisconsin has gone through a period where fiscal extremism has resulted in the biggest cuts to education in state history along with policies that have slowed Wisconsin’s recovery from the global recession. Many laws were passed without much collaboration or compromise resulting in divisiveness and polarization that does not bode well for a healthy democracy. Add to this the lack of transparency (example… redistricting), cronyism leading to incompetency and scandals (examples… Wisconsin Economic Development Agency and United Sportsmen of Wisconsin), and a “divide-and-conquer” strategy of governance. We can do so much better!

I urge all citizens to get to know Martha Laning to see if she will be the kind of leader we need in the 9th Senate District. The kind of leader who can help us all to work together to once again move Wisconsin forward!

John Binder
Plymouth, WI

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