Dear Editor,

I write this letter to the person(s) who anonymously distributed material throughout my Plymouth neighborhood on Friday, October 18th, vehemently opposing public education and the common core state standards. I have three comments to make about your actions.

Firstly, the material you distributed was in my opinion pornographic religion, where you tried to incite rancor, discord, and hate within our community while hiding behind the guise of righteous indignation, where you and you alone consider yourself to be the sole purveyor and authority of what is morally right and wrong. In your sick-n-twisted world, it is your way or else, regardless of the deep, long-standing relationships that I and others have developed with God that, frankly, may differ from your own theology.

Secondly, you are a coward. You didn’t have the guts to come to my door. Instead you dropped your bag of claptrap (flyers, brochures, questionnaires, and a CD-ROM) on the ground near mailboxes--as if that would help to make it look legitimate--or out in yards. You didn’t even have the courage to include contact information.

And thirdly, what you did was illegal. It violated Plymouth’s Municipal Code, Section 11-3-2. Specifically you violated Subsection 11-3-2(a), Littering itself. (I consider your bag of subversive propaganda to be garbage.) And Subsection 11-3-2(d)(1), The Unauthorized Distribution of Handbills.

I am old enough now to realize that people like you have no shame, that you believe you are perfected to the point of being above reproach regardless of how hyperbolic, inflammatory, and malicious your statements might be to those who are working hard to build a greater society.

If, however, you believe I have cast you and your agenda in a negative light here in this letter, then please, I implore you to write using your name to The Review detailing your assertions regarding the debased nature of today’s public education. Or better yet, stand before the Plymouth School Board during its next meeting and make your nefarious claims to the community. Really....Please explain to us, among your other assertions, why you believe that teachers, coaches, and school personnel are perverted child molesters?

Jeffrey S. Bachmann

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