Flywheel effect

To the Editor:

I would like to offer a few comments in response to your “Perspectives” article on the City Administrator position.

I am humbly honored by the article but I would like to draw more attention to a few points. Simply put: our employees make the difference.

I have worked for four other communities besides Plymouth and in all cases there are dedicated public servants that have a commitment to serving their community.

The people that jet our sewers, ensure integrity in our elections, sweep our streets and pick up our leaves, and so many other things are real people that have a true commitment to community.

The second point that matters is that city management working with employees, elected officials, and community is important.

We need to create an environment in which all three groups can be successful.

Communities need stable and honest leadership, earned trust, and perseverance to get change.

As the author Jim Collins talks about in his book “Good to Great,” transformative change occurs from doing the little things to get the “flywheel moving” and creating momentum. Eventually the flywheel moves faster and faster.

Let’s continue working together to keep the “flywheel moving.”

Respectfully submitted,
Brian E. Yerges
City Administrator/Utilities

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