He lost his appetite, but just for blood

Emmitt B. Feldner  for The Review

We had a zombie who had a change in taste on Halloween.

All things considered, it was probably a change for the better.

Our grandson Aiden went trickor treating as a zombie this year.

His mother suggested it, as it gave her a chance to play with making him up as a zombie, but it didn’t take much to persuade Aiden to go along.

Poppie even got into the act, donating one of my old t-shirts that Julia could rip up into zombie rags for Aiden to wear.

Now, some of my t-shirts have been around longer than some zombies and look like they’ve been through about as much, so it probably made sense and it’s not surprising that it did the trick.

When trick-or-treating time came around, Poppie got elected to take Aiden door-to-door while his mom handed out candy at our house and Mee-Mee was into her favorite Halloween pastime – passing out treats of the liquid adult libation variety to the neighbors who were busy passing out candy.

Aiden got into his role with gusto, including some fake blood on his face, and began going doorto door moaning and groaning and telling everyone “I want to eat brains!”

He did assure several of our neighbors he knows from visiting us that they had nothing to be afraid of, that he wasn’t really a zombie, just Aiden, so those brains at least were safe.

It didn’t take him long, however, to change his refrain.

As his bag filled up with treats, he changed from moaning “I want to eat brains” to “I want to eat candy!”

I’m pretty sure he’s never eaten any brains, of any kind, but he has certainly had candy before, and it didn’t take much to convince him that candy was greatly preferable to brains for human consumption.

The challenge was to make sure that zombie boy didn’t start consuming his candy before he even got it home.

There was probably a good chance that his treat bag could have been completely ravished before he made it back to Mee-Mee and Poppie’s house, but the zombie wouldn’t let go of the bag and let Poppie have any of his goodies.

We returned home after covering several blocks, but it wasn’t long after we got there that his cousins, Ty and Nolan, showed up in their Minion costumes and convinced Aiden to go out with them for more trick-or-treating.

It made no difference that Aiden had already completed his rounds – the zombie had to go along to keep the Minions company.

After all, if they can make sequel after sequel to all those zombie movies, why can’t there be a sequel to zombie trick-or-treating?

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