Town Board approves 2014 budget

by Verla Peichl
Falls News Correspondent

The Sheboygan Falls Town Board adopted the 2014 budget, during its monthly meeting on Monday, Nov. 4, at the Sheboygan Falls Town Hall.

Total revenue for 2014 is projected to be $930,434.82, which includes $204,695.33 in applied surplus In 2013 total revenue was $695,784.27 with $250,412.64 of supplies surplus.

Total expenditures for 2014 are $930,440.66, compared to budgeted $946,196.91 in 2013. The major differences in the 2014 budget figures are due to an increase in garbage fees, while road maintenance costs will be less because there aren’t any major road projects set for the upcoming year.

The town of Sheboygan and the town of Sheboygan Falls have more clearly defined responsibilities regarding upgrades and maintenance on Range Line Road.

Because Range Line Road serves as the dividing line between the two townships, the DOT has requested a clear definition.

Town of Sheboygan will be responsible for the northern end, which includes 2.07 miles from Playbird Road to Hannah Drive.

The town of Sheboygan Falls will be responsible for 2.07 miles from Hannah Drive to the city limits of Sheboygan Falls.

The Advanced Disposal contract has been signed for 10 years. This allows for an increase not to exceed 3 percent.

It was reported that Tom Boyer is no longer the airport superintendent. Greg Schnell will be overseeing the Sheboygan County Memorial Airport until another party is hired.

County Supervisor Peggy Feider reported that the 2014 county budget would be adopted on Nov. 5. The total budget is $126 million with a decrease in county spending by 1.1 percent over last year. There will be a 1.8 percent increase in the property tax levy, which includes a 19 cent increase in the property tax rate from $5.41 to $5.60 per $1,000 of equalized valuation. Both of these numbers are a direct result of a continuing decline in property values.

Feider will be a part of the Health and Human Services Committee, which will consider drafting a resolution for the state to fund a study on the impact of wind turbines on human health.

It has been reported that in December 2012 an analysis was done in Brown County in which four experts in the field of acoustics concluded that the health impacts of residents were not a result of exposure to the infrasound and low frequency noises, but they did recommend that an additional study be undertaken.

Most recently in Fond du Lac County, where there is a wind farm, 10 nearby residents have complained of sleeplessness, noise, exhaustion, headache, head and ear pressure and anxiety.

In response, this past August the Fond du Lac County Board passed a resolution requesting a state-funded study.

If Sheboygan County were to pass a similar resolution, it would lend support to the idea and that the county is attempting to do something about it.

Feider said this would make sure that the language in the resolution is clear that the county is not taking a position either for or against wind farms, but that it is simply making a good faith effort to put safety questions to rest.

The next Sheboygan Falls Town Board meeting will take place Monday, Dec. 2, at 7 p.m.

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