New martial arts gym opens doors in Plymouth

by Jeff Pederson
Sheboygan Falls News Editor

KEITH KESICK (left) and Bill “The Shark” Finn (right) have opened Magokoro Martial Arts at 434 East Mill St. in Plymouth. The traditional martial arts dojo and mixed martial arts gym offers a full range of adult and kids’ classes in mixed martial arts, karate, kickboxing, martial fitness and Brazilian jiu jitsu. 
Submittedphoto KEITH KESICK (left) and Bill “The Shark” Finn (right) have opened Magokoro Martial Arts at 434 East Mill St. in Plymouth. The traditional martial arts dojo and mixed martial arts gym offers a full range of adult and kids’ classes in mixed martial arts, karate, kickboxing, martial fitness and Brazilian jiu jitsu. Submittedphoto After promoting several successful mixed martial arts (MMA) events in and around the Sheboygan County area, Plymouth’s Keith Kesick and Bill “The Shark” Finn of Edgerton have teamed up to open Magokoro Martial Arts in Plymouth.

The new facility, which opened in September at 434 East Mill St. in Plymouth, serves as a traditional martial arts dojo and mixed martial arts gym.

Kesick, who has taught various karate and jujutsu classes in the Sheboygan area in recent years, feels now is the right time to make a bigger commitment to education and instruction.

“I have been teaching and offering short-term classes in the Sheboygan area for over five years,” Kesick said. “Most of the time, I have offered to teach to help various charities and groups with any money that has been collected. While I was teaching over the past two years, I had been looking to find the right place that would have the space, set up and location to start a gym.

“Plymouth is important for me because my wife and I chose Plymouth to settle and start our family,” he said. “My son, Tristin, who is now 11, was born here and attends Riverview Elementary. This is his home town. I will do all I can to help support the community he will grow up in. The translation of Magokoro from Japanese means ‘true heart.’ It defines my approach to martial arts and to the people we teach.”

Kesick says Finn brings a wealth of experience into the new endeavor both as a competitor and a gym owner.

“After we had to cancel our last MMA event due to a lack of local fighters, Bill and I decided together to open our own dojo/gym,” Kesick said. “Bill is a professional MMA fighter, who has fought over 140 fights in kickboxing, MMA, boxing and muay thai. For the past five years, Bill has owned his own gym in Edgerton.”

Kesick and Finn are highly trained in multiple martial arts disciplines. Kesick has gained vast experience in tae kwon do, karate, aiki jujutsu, aikido, kobudo, laido, tai chi, reiki, wrestling, gymnastics and modern firearms.

Finn is also well versed in Brazilian jiu jitsu, muay thai,, kickboxing, boxing and MMA.

“Together we have trained in over 12 different martial arts,” Kesick said. “We are combining what we know to offer as many classes to meet students needs and goals. My children’s and adult karate classes are affiliated with kita kaze bujutsu kai through Shihan Roger Tykac Tetsu Shin Karate in Sheboygan.

“What makes our school extra special is the fact that we have great relationships with many instructors in various martial arts and the ability to bring specialists to our location for seminars,” he said. “I will be teaching traditional karate and Japanese Jujutsu. Bill and another fighter will be teaching MMA, kickboxing, Brazilian jujitsu. We are also creating a martial fitness class were people can enjoy circuit training with equipment while learning self defense. We are focusing on creating a friendly and morally competitive atmosphere for children and adults.”

Kesick says martial artist participants of all skill and interest levels are welcome to enroll in classes at Magokoro Martial Arts.

“ We specialize in teaching beginners and have plenty of experience to teach advanced students as well,” Kesick said. “Our classes have already started and we are adding more classes as we gain demand. Our base classes are children and adult karate blended with Japanese jujutsu and adult martial Fitness, which is a class combining zone fitness training and self defense.

“We also have MMA based classes in kickboxing, muay thai, Brazilian jiu jitsu and cardio conditioning,” he said. “MMA fighter Rachelle Bacon will be offering a six-week women’s cardio kickboxing in late November, and we will also be offering traditional weapons and warrior course prep classes. People can find our current class schedule by looking at our Facebook page under Magokoro Martial Arts and Sharkbite MMA.”

In addition to offering a full slate of martial arts and self-defense classes, Magokoro Martial Arts also features a line of supplies and gear.

“Our location also has a full retail shop for martial arts supplies, protective gear, clothing, energy drinks, supplements and all other various martial arts supplies,” Kesick said. “We are striving to have everything a martial artist of any skill level could ever want in one gym.”

Just as he has in the past with his previous Fight for a Cause MMA events at the Sheboygan County Airport, Kesick has an eye on helping the community through his martial arts endeavors.

“My goal is to make this dojo and gym a base location to help the community and support our local charities and groups,” Kesick said. “We have joined both the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and The Plymouth Optimist Club

“With the help of the Plymouth Optimist Cub, we will be introducing an anti-bully program for the local elementary schools. We have also joined forces with the Student Veteran’s Club at UW-Sheboygan and will offer our Cure Unwanted Contact classes at the campus. The Student Veteran’s Club will be covering at least 50 percent of the class fees to make these classes affordable to all students. It has always been important for me to assist the community in any way I can.”

According to Kesick, the Fight For A Cause/Sharkbite MMA events are still going strong.

“We are still promoting our Fight For A Cause/ Sharkbite Fighting Championships MMA events,” Kesick said. “We are currently working with UFC Heavy Weight ‘Big’ Ben Rothwell on his second MMA event in Racine this Saturday, November 9th.

“This is the second show we have done in Racine with Ben and it looks to be bigger than the first, which brought in over 800 people,” he said. “We will be doing more events in Sheboygan, which will include a kids program to offer pankration, boxing and kickboxing, to offer area youth to train and compete in these popular sports. We are also currently working on a new venue in Madison for an event in December or January.”

For more information or to register for a class, contact Keith Kesick at 920-254-9163 or or Bill Finn at 920-605-7200 or

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