Effort needed to keep color in downtown

NOTHING BEAUTIFIES SOMEPLACE LIKE a splash of colorful flowers.

That’s true of a home or a yard, and it’s equally true for a city.

Plymouth’s downtown has been graced for many years by colorful flowerpots along Mill Street during the summer.

The effort was begun by the former Downtown Revitalization Committee and has been overseen by the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce in recent years, with numerous downtown and other businesses sponsoring the individual planters.

But such an effort takes time and money, and the chamber is apparently finding both in shorter supply these days, so they have given notice that they will no longer be coordinating the downtown planters after this year.

Karen Scheuerman came before the city’s Redevelopment Authority earlier this month to see if that group would be willing to help in keeping the program going in future years – and expanding it.

Scheuerman has made her own contribution to bringing color to downtown Plymouth, voluntarily installing planters on the bridges over the Mullet River downtown and keeping them up during last summer – a welcome and greatly appreciated touch.

She’d like to expand that effort to include the numerous welcome and landmark signs throughout the city, such as the one at City Park. Those signs include concrete planters which, in too many cases, have become concrete weed and grass beds for lack of effort and attention.

Scheuerman would like to see the RDA and the city step up and lead the way on keeping the planters in place along Mill Street and bringing life to the landmark sign planters.

She estimated such an effort would cost a total of $4,000 to $5,000 a year – the annual cost of the

Mill Street planters is around $3,400.

Many details need to be fleshed out, and costs need to be more accurately determined, but the RDA should at the very least take a much closer look at the issue.

Much of the work could be done by volunteers. The Plymouth High School horticultural classes could be a place to start, as they could utilize the school’s greenhouse facilities to grow flowers for planting in spring and make the planting of the flowers part of their coursework and learning.

Corporate and business sponsors, it is hoped, would be willing to step up and provide some – if not all – of the money needed to support the planting, maintenance and upkeep of the planters.

Like the planters, there are many details that need to be filled in on any such plans. But the beauty the effort would bring to downtown and the city as a whole should be worth the effort.

At issue:
Downtown planters
Bottom line:
Keep them colorful - and growing

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