ELIA making good strides in keeping lake blue

WITHOUT THE LAKE, THERE would be no Elkhart Lake. On its surface, that statement seems like the epitome of stating the obvious, but it’s something that needs to be repeated and kept in mind.

The village of Elkhart Lake grew up on the shores of the pristine lake it took its name from, and the village grew on the shoulders of the tourism industry that the lake’s water and shores engendered.

That’s why the continued clarity and purity of the waters of Elkhart Lake is vitally important to everyone in the village and the surrounding area.

The Elkhart Lake Improvement Association is taking the lead in that effort and doing a terrific job.

The ELIA completed two chemical treatments of the lake last summer as part of their management plan for the lake.

The goal of the treatments was to control Eurasian water milfoil, an invasive plant that has been present in the lake since 1993.

EWM grows to the surface of the water and can mat along the surface, crowding out native plants. Left uncontrolled, it can make areas of the lake inaccessible for recreational boating, swimming and fishing.

The two sprayings covered a total of 11.42 of the nearly 300 acres of the lake in seven different areas around the lake.

As Nancy Hanlon of the ELIA reported to the

Village Board earlier this month, the chemical treatment was “really quite successful.” And that is good news.

The group hopes to be able to control the EWM next year with hand-pulling by volunteers rather than spraying, although it will seek a permit for chemical treatment again next year just in case – with the hope that it won’t be needed.

The ELIA also plans to continue to have a clean boat/clean water inspector on duty at the public boat landing again next summer to help prevent EWM infestation and spread.

Those efforts had the support of the Village Board this year and again next year, as well as from a large number of residents and businesses.

It’s an effort that merits such support, as the sparkling blue waters of Elkhart Lake are truly the lifeblood of the village of Elkhart Lake, its economy and its residents.

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Lake management plan
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Keeping Elkhart Lake blue

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