To the Editor:

I had hoped that someone would be brought to justice after the administration was caught using the IRS to silence its opponents before the last election. Instead the intimidation continues. The Wall Street Journal recently broke a story about a flurry of secret subpoena’s and dawn raids aimed at individuals and groups in Wisconsin who may support Scott Walker in the next election. (Wisconsin Political Speech Raid 11/16/13) Harassment of those who engage in political speech may be normal in police states everywhere, but it is outrageous in our country where we may speak freely, protected by our first and fourth amendments.

Eric O’Keefe, president of Wisconsin Club for Growth, did the right thing for Republicans and Democrats alike when he refused to be intimidated and spoke to the Wall Street Journal. When any group uses our legal system to keep Americans from exercising their right of free speech, it trashes the system that protects us all.

Although the Wisconsin’s John Doe investigations are again aimed at conservative groups, both liberals and conservatives must stand together against those who would use our courts destroy the legal protections that we all enjoy. Shadowy secret “investigations”, like blatant public attempts to pack the courts with partisan judges, destroy the neutral justice system that protects us all. If Americans of every political stripe can’t stand together to stamp out these outrageous attacks on our personal liberty, we will deserve to fall together.

Art DeJong

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