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Jim Baumgart  Sheboygan County Supervisor

Those interested in becoming a Sheboygan County Supervisor have until Tuesday, January 7, 2014 to file the required 50 (minimum) to 200 nomination signatures. Candidates should file their Declaration of Candidacy (GAB - 162) and Campaign Finance Registration (GAB - 1) forms before the first day they circulate nomination papers. Circulation of papers could have begun to be signed as early as Sunday, December 1, 2013.

You can get the needed information and forms from the Sheboygan County Clerk. That office has a Candidate Packet of forms that will include:

Declaration of Candidacy (GAB - 162);

Campaign Finance Registration (GAB - 1);

Nomination Paper (s) for Non-partisan Office (GAB - 169);

Ballot Access Checklist (GABIS - 3); and

Campaign Finance Checklist (GABIS - 4), if not exempt.

You can also go to the GAB website at: to access the fillable forms. If you have questions, the Sheboygan County Clerk’s office telephone number is: (920) 459-3003.

Non-partisan elections in Wisconsin take place in the Spring. A Spring Primary (if necessary) would be held on February 18, 2014, and the Spring Election on April 1. While there are other local spring elections for town, villages and cities, all 25 of Sheboygan County Supervisor’s positions will be up for election this coming year. Partisan elections in Wisconsin take place in the fall.

It should be noted, early leaders in our country were true citizen representatives. Most had jobs like farming, professional occupations or were retired and had time and flexibility to serve the public. Professional full-time politicians were of concern both then and now. George Washington, our first President, even though he could have easily been re-elected, to show leadership and the need for limits, decided that he would limit his terms in office. In doing so, other citizens were needed to come forward and serve. We still need citizens to step forward, to bring in fresh ideas and to offer their services.

If you are not sure who your supervisor is, where are the supervisory district lines, what are the responsibilities, or other Sheboygan County Board background information, you can go online. The website listing which shows the Sheboygan County Board members, District map, and background on each of the present supervisors is: www.sheboygan

It is important to remind readers that to serve is both an honor as well as a civic responsibility. Good ideas, quality background and excellent work ethic tend to be appreciated by most people. But it does take an effort to run for office, gather the help of friends, time to understand the issues, duties, and responsibilities of the job; and voters have to be convinced to vote for you. It can be a rewarding experience but also a humbling one.

It is said somewhere that “It is better to light a candle then to curse the darkness”. Sheboygan County has many talented qualified people who could bring a new light and leadership to the Sheboygan County Board or other elected area offices.

Think about it.

That could be you or someone you know.

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