Return of Tough Mudder is good news

WELCOME BACK, TOUGH MUDDER. The world-renowned obstacle/ endurance test will be held at Elkhart Lake’s Road America next September, it was recently announced.

Tough Mudder, billed as “Probably the toughest event on the planet,” was held in Sheboygan County in 2012 at The Highlands Sportsmen’s Club and Kennels outside Cascade and drew thousands of participants and spectators.

Unfortunately, the rural location of the club site created a logistical nightmare for traffic in and out of the event on two-lane county roads and the event did not return – despite the enthusiastic turnout and success of the event itself.

Now the Tough Mudder is coming back to Sheboygan County, at a venue used to and designed to accommodate such large crowds – Road America. It’s a perfect match.

Tough Mudder events are held year-round and around the world, on a 12-mile course featuring obstacles designed by the British Special Forces to challenge participants’ physical, emotional and mental grit.

They include lots of mud, water, wall climbing and even fire and electrical wires.

It’s not all mud and fun – proceeds from the events go to various charities around the world. Since 2010, Tough Mudder has raised more than $6 million for the Wounded Warrior project in the United States, plus millions for other charities around the world.

That’s a worthy benefit, but our area will receive additional benefits as well.

The thousands of competitors and spectators will be coming from throughout the country and spending anything from a few hours to a weekend or more in our area, bringing welcome dollars into the local economy. Some of them may well be attracted to the area and make a return visit for a cleaner, less strenuous visit.

Road America gains the prestige of adding another world-class event to its annual calendar.

And by the time the Tough Mudder event kicks – or splashes – off next September, Road America will have added a zip line course on their grounds. Perhaps Tough Mudder can turn that into another oneof a-kind obstacle for their challenge.

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Tough Mudder at Road America
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Great event at a great venue

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