Lunch, shopping and Frozen Tundra all in one trip

Emmitt B. Feldner  for The Review

We had lunch Saturday with two stockholders in a major state corporation.

They were on their way from Ohio to a major corporate meeting in Green Bay.

All right, it was Terry’s cousin and her husband, who happen to own a share of Green Bay Packers stock, and they were on their way to the Packer game Sunday, but they still managed to time their trip so we could get together for lunch.

Lori is actually the daughter of Terry’s cousin Judy – Terry’s dad and Judy’s were brothers - but I’m never sure exactly how that works out.

She’s either Terry’s first cousin once removed, second cousin twice removed or third cousin with her tonsils removed – I can never figure that stuff out.

It was Steve and Lori’s first trip to a Packer game – being stockholders, you’d think they could do better than a game in December in Green Bay, but at least they got to see the Frozen Tundra for real.

We were just figuring on lunch, but not Terry – as per usual, she was able to turn it into a shopping trip as well.

It was for good reason, however – Steve had a Packer sweatshirt and scarf with him, but Lori didn’t have any Packer apparel with her.

She did have plenty of warm clothes with her – apparently the Frozen Tundra’s reputation is widespread – but none of it was the requisite green and gold.

So Terry, naturally, volunteered to take them to a nearby department store to find Lori a Packer sweatshirt.

It happened to be a store where she has a frequent-shopper discount – I’m not sure how much, but I think when she reaches the next level she becomes a stockholder.

Since it’s a store located in Wisconsin, they naturally had plenty of Packer apparel and Lori soon found a sweatshirt she liked – and with Terry’s discount, the price was good, too.

We couldn’t find her a hat or a scarf she liked, however, but as it turned out, when they got to Green Bay a Packer wool hat was one of the welcome gifts in their tour package – or maybe it was their annual dividend as Packer stockholders,

I’m not sure.

Terry wasn’t done shopping, though, and dragged us all into a craft and hobby store nearby in the mall.

Walking past the Christmas items – which filled about half the store, it seemed – Terry mentioned that she wanted to get one of those reindeer antler and nose kits people put on their cars at Christmas.

Steve, Lori and I wandered through the Christmas stuff while Terry was off looking for something else and, lo and behold, we happened to stumble across that very item on sale for half price.

I had no trouble enlisting Steve in my effort to tell Terry that we hadn’t found any such item anywhere in the store, but it was my misfortune that Lori had seen it as well.

Steve and I had her outvoted two-to-one, but as is so often the case in these male-female interactions, Lori’s vote counted for twice as much – if not more – than Steve’s and mine combined and Terry was soon off to snatch up her car reindeer antlers and nose.

Terry was more than willing to continue the shopping expedition, but Steve and Lori had to get going in order to reach their motel and an evening reception there in time.

My only regret was that they hadn’t had to leave about 10 minutes earlier, before we found those car reindeer antlers and nose, but then again, I’m sure Terry would have found them on her own.

When she has her mind on buying something, she’ll find it more quickly and easily than Aaron Rodgers finds an open receiver.

Even with Terry’s shopping excursion, it was too short a visit.

We can only hope that, since the Packers won Sunday to break a month-long winless streak, we can convince Steve and Lori to come visit their investment for every game next year.

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