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Stay in car after accident

The Wisconsin State Patrol advises motorists to stay inside their vehicles if at all possible after a wintertime crash or sliding off the road.

Video footage of a massive crash near Germantown ( on Sunday, Dec. 8, clearly shows the dangers of wintertime driving in Wisconsin. Although immense chainreaction pile-ups are still quite rare, other single- and multiple-vehicle crashes as well as slide-offs are all too common this time of year.

To protect themselves after their vehicle has crashed or slid off a road, drivers and passengers are advised to stay inside their vehicles if at all possible, according to the Wisconsin State Patrol.

“If you are outside your vehicle, you have little or no protection against vehicles that can easily slide out of control on slippery roads. Your vehicle provides protection if you remain inside it with your safety belt fastened,” said David Pabst, director of the State Patrol Bureau of Transportation Safety. “Unless you absolutely have to get out of your vehicle for an emergency, stay inside it, buckle up, call 911 on a cell phone or wait for a law enforcement officer to arrive.”

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s web site ( offers other common sense suggestions in case you crash or are stranded in wintertime.

Y-Koda sets Winter Break Day Camp

Camp Y-Koda in Sheboygan Falls will host a Winter Break Day Camp during the final week of December.

The camp will take place Dec. 23, 26, 27, 30 and 31, from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Activities will include sledding, snowshoeing, building forts and keeping warm around the campfire.

Participants are invited to sign up for one day, a few days or all five days. Extended care and busing are available for the camp, which is open to kids age 4-12.

Pre-registration is required. Registration forms can be found at the Sheboygan Falls YMCA and the Sheboygan YMCA.

For more information, call Camp Y-Koda at 467-6882 or visit

BBBS water park pass fundraiser

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sheboygan County is currently selling water park passes for Breaker Bay at The Blue Harbor Resort.

These passes are $12 each which is a $4 to $8 savings off regular prices and are good for adults and children. They can be used any day of the week, including weekends.

The passes can be used by anyone and are good to use until Sept. 1, 2014.

All proceeds go to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sheboygan County.

Passes are available at the Big Brothers Big Sisters office, located at 2020 Erie Ave. in Sheboygan, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Check payments will also be accepted through the mail.

For more information, call Big Brothers Big Sisters at 458-0111.

DNR board adjusts shoreland rules

The State Natural Resources Board has approved changes to minimum statewide shoreland zoning standards aimed at providing more flexibility for property owners and making the standards more straightforward for counties to implement.

The board also acted to extend to May 1, 2016, the deadline for counties to adopt the changes in their ordinances or adopt more protective standards. The rules must now go to the governor and legislative committees for review.

The unanimous votes to changes of Natural Resources Chapter 115 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code came after representatives from several organizations and individuals spoke before the board both for and against the changes.

DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp told board members and the speakers that the rule changes were necessary because after DNR revised the minimum statewide shoreland zoning standards effective in 2010, some counties expressed concerns that the revisions would be administratively difficult to implement and enforce.

Stepp said the resulting changes, developed with a stakeholder group and through public hearings, “try to strike a balance of common sense, implementability and achieving that goal of better water quality.”

The revised rules allow more options for regulated hard or “impervious” surfaces on waterfront properties. Under the changes approved by the Natural Resources Board, base limits on impervious services would remain at 15 percent, but counties could allow up to 40 percent for residences, and up to 60 percent for commercial, industrial or business land, within specified urbanized areas where the shoreline is already highly developed.

The changes approved by the board also will allow counties to consider when the water drains to a system designed to treat the runoff when calculating impervious surface percentages.

The approved rule changes also allow more options for expansion of “nonconforming” homes closer than the currently required 75-foot setback from the shoreline.

The current rule limits expansion to expanding vertically in the same footprint; the rule changes allow some sideways expansion as well.

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