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Jim Baumgart  Sheboygan County Supervisor

The Sheboygan County Planning and Conservation Department includes a wide range of duties and responsibilities in serving the public. Oversight of the Department comes under the Sheboygan County Planning, Resources, Agriculture and Extension Committee. This committee is made up of Mike Ogea - Chairman; Keith Abler - Vice Chairman, Al Bosman - Secretary, Jim Baumgart, Fran Damp, and Frederick Johanning (citizen member).

The Conservation Division of this Department provides farmers and other landowners with a variety of water quality services such as buffer strip information, technical support for agriculture holding ponds, well abandonment, tree and shrub sales, and much more.

To promote and improve water quality through protection of the land, the County Conservation Division has long promoted the sale of trees and shrubs. In recent years, over a million trees and shrubs have been sold and planted by residents of Sheboygan and neighboring counties, both here and in other areas throughout the state. They have taken a proactive lead in protecting the land and water of our lakeshore area through this program and other positiveconservation initiatives and activities.

Well, the Tree and Shrub Sale orders are taking place from now until Wednesday, Feb. 26. There is an order form that includes information on the type of tree/shrubs, age, size, amount, and price along with a catalog that provides tree and shrub descriptions on how best to be used (type of soil, water needs, sun and shade requirements, growth rates and more).

The different kinds of trees and shrubs available include:

Conifer: Eastern Red and White Cedar, Concolor Balsam and Fraser Fir, Austrian, Red, and White Pine, Black Hills, Colorado Blue, Norway and White Spruce. Potted Plants: Nigra Dark Green Arborvitae, Red Eastern Cedar, White Pine, Norway Black Hills, and Colorado Blue Spruce.

Deciduous: Quaking Aspen, Paper and River Birch, Black Cherry, Hackberry, Red, Silver, and Sugar Maple, Pin, Red, Swamp White, and White Oak, Hybrid Poplar, and Tamarack.

Fruit Trees: Common Apple, Mazzard Cherry, Crabapple (Red Splendor/Magenta), Harbin Pear, and American Plum. Other sizes: Semi Dwarf Cortland Apple, Semi Dwarf Liberty Apple, Semi Dwarf Wealthy Apple, Stella Cherry, Elberta and Reliance Peach, Semi Dwarf Anjou and Bartlett Pear, and Early Italian Plum.

Shrubs: Butterfly Bush, Silky Dogwood, American Hazelnut, Common Purple Lilac, Ninebark, Serviceberry/Juneberry, Spicebush, and Aromatic Sumac

Specialty Packets: Included in the order form and catalog are two Specialty Packets: Sequential Flowering Packet and Bird-Butterfly Packet.

Wildlife Food: The sale includes a number of wildlife food seeds for deer, game birds, and other wildlife.

Planters Aids: To insure your trees and shrubs can be protected, the order form provides some options to purchase tree shelter tubes, weed mats, fertilizer pellets and other items.

A date, time and place will be provided in early spring when the material ordered can be pickedup. So if you have some land you want improved, soil and water protected, or habitat for wildlife, you may wish to obtain an order form and catalog; you can call the Sheboygan County Conservation Division at: (920) 459-1370 or go to their website at:

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