To the Editor:

The Board of Directors of the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce is grateful to have an opportunity to share, via open forum, a look back at a very busy year!

The Chamber’s commitment to local business success continues to be demonstrated in several ways and has never been more evident than this year. A combination of events promoted tourism boasting the true attributes of Plymouth and allowed us to shine as neighbors – a great city to live, work and thrive. The Chamber also strives to demonstrate what a community, working together, can accomplish.

How did we do this in 2013? Our highlights were the longstanding, much-enjoyed Mill Street Festival that brings people, business and summer fun together. The downtown businesses and vendors showcase their specialties and it is enjoyed by over 5,000 people of all ages.

A new addition showcased our Plymouth area businesses and the proud murals boldly painted on the walls of our historic buildings in the downtown neighborhoods. This project, along with a $29,000 Joint Effort Marketing Grant from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism has given the Chamber an opportunity for a new event that brings new visitors to our area -- many who shop, eat and sleep in our establishments. The event; the Mural & Arts Festival, held a spotlight on Plymouth’s uniqueness with its 25 hand-painted murals. This tied in nicely with the Plymouth Arts Center’s Fine Arts Festival and was indeed a true effort in both initiative and partnership. This state grant allowed the Chamber to promote Plymouth in publications and websites well beyond Wisconsin’s borders and yielded about 2,000 visitors to our community! In fact, State of Wisconsin Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett awarded the grant and declared Plymouth “Wisconsin’s Mural Capital.” The tag line has been embraced and utilized in all marketing media.

Any organization is only as strong as its members. We believe our Chamber membership network is ever-growing and more involved than ever before evidenced by the growth of our membership, ribbon cuttings and business connections events. We are tracking many more connections through our progressive social network outreach endeavors. The many seasonal, traditional events sponsored by the Chamber, such as the Christmas Parade and the business flowerpot sponsors continue through the dedication of time and financial sponsorship of our membership. And, our strategic planning committee is in full swing to take this town into a bright and promising future.

Our Board of Directors always welcomes an opportunity to speak with you, our community of partners, up close and personally to share with you all the benefits of membership in the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce. As we expand our projects and events, this board stands committed to the mission of the Chamber. We look forward to continued success and prosperity in 2014.

Happy New Year from the
Plymouth Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors.

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