Who’s sorry now?

To the Editor:

In the January 9 issue of The Review, Ms. Deb Klock reached her blue fist across the aisle looking for a response to her mish-mash of accumulated liberal talking points and halftruths. Her paranoid focus on the Koch brothers suggests a singular source for her political knowledge; namely, a union publication of some sort.

The Democrats and Ms. Klock represent a philosophy of governing in which the state becomes all powerful. They are making the ill-conceived assumption that the state is a benevolent parent who only has the best interest of us children in mind. History would suggest otherwise. The past is littered with failed experiments in socialism, communism, and fascism in which private enterprise, private property and individual rights were sacrificed for the benefit of the dictators and their local commandants. The equivalent in our time is an intimidating IRS, an out-ofcontrol attorney general, unions with the privilege of confiscating the forced dues of workers, and a lawless president.

America was conceived to empower the people rather than the bureaucracy. The standard of living that we take for granted was paid for by private enterprise, not government agencies. The New Deal,The Great Society and all the contrivances of the left have succeeded in destroying families of the poor but have made no progress in eliminating poverty. Societal success is the result of individual effort not government mandates.

It is easy to ignore the facts when you are sitting on or are expecting a fat government pension. It is easy to turn a blind eye to the corruption of excessive political power when you are its beneficiary. It is easy to project your shortcomings on to your political foes. It is not easy to look at the human wreckage caused by liberal/progressive policy promoted by Democrats and say “Sorry”.

Dennis Gasper

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