Brecht new Waldo clerk/treasurer

Abby Lynn Harvey of The Review staff

WALDO – Change is in the air this month in Waldo as discussions at the Village Board looked toward the future of the village.

Michelle Brecht has been appointed the new village clerk/treasurer in training to take over for John Port, who announced his resignation several months ago following the resignation of former Village President Lisa Hagenow.

Brecht will be in training with Port until March, when she will take over the title in full.

“Basically, she’s going to be the village clerk but she’s actually not going to officially start in that capacity until March,” Village President Dan Schneider said. “After that March date, she will still train with John but eventually John will be out and Michelle will be in.”

Brecht will continue to train until it is decided that she is ready to take the reins on her own.

“That’s going to be at a point where they’re both comfortable and I’m comfortable,” Schneider said.

Lengthy discussion about the possibility of new businesses coming into the village was entertained. Although much of the discussion focused on the potential of creating a TID district, the board is not set on following that path.

“What I don’t want to do is just think ‘TID Disby trict.’” Schneider said. “What else is there? Not that TID is the right answer or the wrong answer. I’d like to go into that discussions with TID as an option, land at a reduced rate is an option. What are the other options? I’d like to be able to set down a situation and be able to discuss and figure out what’s the right situation for us, and what’s the right situation for them.”

The befits of a Waldo location for the businesses in question are numerous. The village is located at the intersection of two major highways and is in a “central hub” position for either of their distribution needs.

“Industrial land in Sheboygan County right now is hard to come by, especially for those sized buildings,” said Schneider, noting another advantage.

A year-end report was made on the Farmers Market, which has been given the approval to continue for the summer of 2014 with a start date of May 31. The possibility of continuing the winter market will be reviewed next winter

With rising police costs from Cascade, the board has decided to research alternative police protection for the village.

“Basically what we’re going to do is entertain a discussion with the county to see what they’re at,” Schneider said, “just so we do out due diligence on that topic.”

The next meeting of the Waldo Village Board will be held Monday Feb. 10 at 6 p.m.

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