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There is an old saying “the only constant is change”. It’s true in our businesses and in everyday life. Every day we are faced with new challenges that affect how we live and how we run our business. The same holds true for your Chamber.

As a Chamber, we strive at providing services and resources for our membership and balance those with the requirements to market Plymouth as a destina- tion in order to bring new people to our great city and entice them to leave their hard-earned money here.

Challenges come up daily and the Chamber Office and its Board of Directors work through those quietly, efficiently and effectively to ensure that they do not have a negative impact on our Chamber, our businesses and our community.

There is one new challenge that should be communicated due to its visibility throughout the community, region and state. Our Executive Director, Mary Martin will be stepping down as our Executive Director in mid-February due to having to relocate to Denver, Colorado.

Although short, Mary’s contribution to the Chamber has been a great asset. Mary was solely responsible for the Chamber in securing monies from the State to promote Plymouth outside of our normal venues. Receiving $29,000 from the State allowed the Chamber to promote Plymouth as Wisconsin’s Mural Destination and the monies allowed for high priced advertising in magazines such as Midwest Living, Chicago Magazine and Wisconsin Trails reaching over 900,000 subscribers across the Mid-west.

Mary also championed the development of a five-year strategic plan for the Chamber. As business owners we all know that for an organization to be able to enhance their success, a quality plan or roadmap needs to be in place to maintain the focus and align the resources as you grow. The Chamber now has the foundation of such a plan.

Additionally, Mary led the way in the development and implementation of our Plymouth Ambassador Program.

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors and the membership of the Plymouth Chamber, I would like to thank Mary for her leadership, her dedication to the businesses represented by the Chamber, and her ability to straddle that fine line between the demands of the business community and the tourism industry and do so gracefully.

Our search for an Executive Director has begun, and I ask each and every one of you to utilize your individual networks to spread the word and help in the search.

Frank J. Maydak
President - Plymouth
Chamber of Commerce

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