Friends of the Marsh take on next challenge

THE FRIENDS OF THE Broughton Sheboygan County Marsh are not resting on the laurels – no matter how lofty they are.

The group already has one soaring accomplishment to boast of at the Sheboygan County Marsh and now they have launched a fundraising effort for another.

The group formed more than a half dozen years ago with the goal of constructing a wooden observation tower at the marsh park tucked in the northwest corner of the county, a long-standing dream of many.

After several stops and starts, the group persevered and built the tallest wooden observation tower in the state, giving visitors to the marsh a true birds-eye view of the natural splendor and diversity that is the Broughton Sheboygan County Marsh.

The Friends were able to pay off the roughly $450,000 cost of building the 80-foot tall tower in late 2011 and that would have been a great enough accomplishment for most groups to rest on.

But not the Friends of the Broughton Sheboygan County Marsh.

The group was always in for the long haul – or perhaps high climb – when it comes to preserving, protecting and enhancing the nearly 14,000-acre jewel that is the marsh.

They’re ready to take on their next challenge – the construction of a multi-purpose educational center building at the marsh.

The marsh serves as a living outdoor classroom and laboratory for students and adults from throughout the county. Camp Y-Koda has utilized the many diverse features of this ecosystem next door to educate students and adults to the wonders of nature, as well as the need and the means to preserve and protect it, as have many schools and other conservation groups.

But those efforts, as successful as they have been, have been hampered by the lack of proper facilities to conduct their efforts.

The proposed new building would make those efforts infinitely easier and more effective. The building would also provide much-needed meeting and storage space at the marsh, as well as provide modern shower facilities for the many campers who utilize the marsh park throughout the year.

The Friends have set a fundraising goal of $660,000 to build the new center, nearly 50 percent more than they had to raise to build the observation tower.

It’s a daunting task and a major challenge, but the Friends of the Broughton Sheboygan County Marsh have proven in the past that they are up to such challenges.

Visit or call 920-876-4312 for more information or to donate.

With the support of individuals, businesses, industry, foundations and other throughout Sheboygan County and the surrounding area, it can be done – and the Broughton Sheboygan County Marsh can become an even greater jewel in the county’s crown.

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Marsh educational center
Bottom line:
A worthy effort

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