To the Editor:

In The Review, on Feb.6, it looked to me like Matt Pommer was struggling with the success that Governor Walker is having from the Act 10 reforms. If you read between the lines, you can almost feel Pommer’s disappointment that the state of the state is as good as it is. It seems that he would enjoy writing his column much better if Walker’s agenda was in the same miserable straits as The Affordable Care Act. (ObamaCare)

Inevitably, Pommer has to rely on the same old Democrat platitudes. That is, to insinuate that Republicans and conservatives as insensitive to the plight of the poor and everyone else. “Cutting property taxes doesn’t put more money into the hands of renters” he writes. He further remarks on Walker’s surplus “More ‘relief’ flows to owners of property with higher values”. He is attempting to falsely associate all Walker supporters with wealth and encourage political resistance to Walker and his ideas.

Who are those rich folks that Walker is favoring with tax breaks? They are that wealthy enclave of home owners lining both sides Western Ave. and Milwaukee Street. There are more of those folks easily spotted in the summer, mowing their lawns on Fairview Drive, South Street, Reed Street, and along other streets too numerous to mention here. And, don’t forget the super-rich lurking in the tony neighborhoods of the Anton, Airpark, and South Hills subdivisions. We wouldn’t want those “rich” people to enjoy any property tax relief.

Pommer saves his best shot for landlords. They would benefit from Walker’s surplus at the expense of the poor renter. Never mind that every property tax increase in my memory, including the one that I noticed on the last Plymouth property tax bill, was sent to the landlord, not the tenant. Those taxes, by the way, are eventually passed on to the poor tenant in the form of higher rent as would a tax cut eventually accrue to the benefit to the tenant.

Indeed, there are many who listen to the drumbeat of the leftists like Pommer. They are led to believe that Governor Walker is unfairly distributing the budget surplus. If Democrats were in charge, they would have avoided that debate by channeling that money directly to unionized government employees and pensioners. Then, we would be dealing with a budget deficit instead of the Walker surplus.

Dennis Gasper

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Being a landlord
Submitted by (not verified) on Sun, 2014-02-16 13:00.
Being a landlord myself,Dennis hit the nail right on the head. I am still paying the approximate annual $600 increase that was assessed on my rental properties under Governor Dolye! Makes me wonder how much more of an increase I would be getting on an annual basis if the Democrats were in charge! My real estate taxes have been somewhat flat since Walker has been governor and as a result I have not increased my rents on my temamts.
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