Move to downtown best for Farmers Market

WHERE SHOULD THE PLYMOUTH Farmers Market put down its roots?

The market started in Plymouth’s City Park, as an adjunct for at least part of the summer to the popular Thursday night summer concerts, but it soon found that space too confining.

A few years ago, it found greener pastures in the new ground to be plowed at the just-hatched Generations inter-generational center. But the lack of accessibility and visibility there, just off the beaten track, seems to have stunted its growth.

Now, a move is afoot to transplant the Farmers Market to downtown Plymouth. A petition calling for the move is circulating – and is on Facebook as well – with the goal of persuading the Sheboygan County Interfaith Organization, which coordinates the market, to make the move for this summer.

Leaders of the effort to promote the move have already found a suitable location.

The Plymouth Arts Center has offered to host the market on its spacious north lawn behind their building, at the intersection of Mill and North streets and Eastern Avenue.

The Arts Center has already put that green space to good use hosting events like the Arts Festival, Oktoberfest and more. A weekly Farmers Market would seem to be a perfect addition.

Fresh, natural food and flowers would be a perfect addition to the beauty and aesthetics of the Arts Center.

The Farmers Market would be just one more attraction for a downtown that already boasts a world-class collection of wall murals; unique shops, stores and boutiques; art and history museums; fine dining choices and much more.

That’s not to say that Generations has not been a good location for the Farmers Market – it has. The combination there of multi-generational community events and activities with the market was good for both.

But things should be even better for the Farmers Market in the heart of Plymouth’s picturesque and historic downtown. The market will bring new visitors to downtown, and a new reason for old visitors to return.

The only drawback is that the Farmers Market will have to remain a mid-week event – on Thursdays, most likely – as both Elkhart Lake and Sheboygan already have established, thriving Saturday Farmers Market. There just isn’t room for another market on the weekend in that close a proximity, and it wouldn’t be fair to the already-established events to try to challenge them. It would be counter-productive.

As for Generations, they would miss the Farmers Market, but the Plymouth Inter-generational Coalition has been successful thus far at making their center a hub of activity for the entire community, and they will certainly find other ways to keep it so.

The idea of a Farmers Market in downtown Plymouth is too much of a win-win proposition for anyone to stand in the way of. The move should come and it should come this summer.

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Plymouth Farmers Market
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It belongs downtown

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