Cold weather squeeze

EL-G School Board opts to add only three makeup days
by Abby Lynn Harvey of The Review staff

ELKHART LAKE- Due to an exceedingly cold, harsh winter, the Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah School Board has been forced to reconfigure their school calendar and inclement weather policy for the 2013-14 school year.

Having had to cancel school three times thus far due to cold weather, the district has exceeded the snow make-up days built into the schedule.

“In our handbook it says that all school days will be made up,” District Administer Ann Buechel- Haack said during the Thursday evening meeting. “Last year we added ‘unless the board chooses to do otherwise in extreme circumstances.’ This seems to be a year where we’re already having extreme circumstances.”

She went on to explain the requirements set by state law, which say that every district must have a certain number of days, hours and minutes of instruction. The district, at this point, is well above the state set requirements.

“Theoretically, to meet state law - and I’m not saying this is what we’d want to do - but to meet state law for days of instruction we could not make these three days up and we’d still be okay,” said Buechel- Haack.

The idea of not making up any days was quickly dismissed and a proposed schedule change was presented.

The suggested updated calendar would address the three cold days, with school being held on May 23 - the designated make-up day - and on June 9-10.

Exams, which were scheduled for June 5-6, would be moved to June 9-10, with a study day on June 6. The graduation ceremony would still be held on June 8.

Because of an upcoming trip, 10 freshmen would not be present for exams but would have to take them before leaving, said Buechel-Haack.

“I wouldn’t want to add anymore days onto that,” Buechel-Haack said, “because if we were to add more days then the kids would miss the review for exams.”

As the district is already well within the state requirements it was decided that no more inclement weather days will be made-up.

As long as there are no more than five additional inclement weather days taken during the remainder of the year, the district will not be at risk of falling below the state requirement for instruction.

Also approved was a measure to develop “Giving Levels” for the greenhouse project fundraising efforts. Giving levels are are follows:

Platinum - $50,000
Gold - $25,000
Silver - $10,000
Bronze - $5,000
Friends - $2,500

Recognition of some sort will be given to individuals, organizations or groups who donate at these levels.

In addition to the giving levels, the board approved a cost for the naming rights of the greenhouse. That cost is $100,000.

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