Two wheels make EL First Responders more effective

THE KEY FOR SUCCESSFUL emergency first response is a quick response.

Quite often, that can be as great a challenge as any medical situation to which emergency first responders may be responding.

That can be especially true at crowded public events, when an emergency situation may not be easily accessible with a conventional ambulance or truck.

In Elkhart Lake, that can be a real concern at many of the events that draw crowds to the village, such as the Vintage Races, Firemen’s Picnic and Fourth of July fireworks, Downtown Night, Schnee Days and many more. For events like those, the streets of Elkhart Lake can be packed with crowds shoulder to shoulder, leaving little if any room for a regular emergency response vehicle to reach a scene where they are needed.

The Elkhart Lake First Responders have come up with a unique solution – outfitting a police-style bicycle as a go-anywhere emergency response bicycle.

The bicycle, which got its debut at Schnee Days over this past weekend, is stocked with a full load of emergency gear, including a portable defibrillator and oxygen equipment. In all, the medical gear adds 20 pounds to the bicycle, but the First Responder riders are trained to handle the bike and all its gear while maneuvering through big crowds and tight spaces to get to where it is needed.

Police in Elkhart Lake and many other villages and cities have been utilizing bicycles for years, both for regular patrols and to handle situations in large crowds and public events.

But Elkhart Lake’s First Responders are the first unit of their kind in this area to adopt a two-wheeled response vehicle for emergency responses.

This new innovation demonstrates the commitment of the dozen and a half Elkhart Lake First Responders to their community, neighbors and guests.

The First Responders are a key part of making the village safe and secure, for residents and for visitors. They are hoping their new bicycle will make them more visible and help them garner more support – and more members.

Like many other local services, the First Responders are something no one ever wants to need, but can make a huge difference when they are needed.

Any tool that makes that service more efficient and the response quicker is heartily welcomed.

Congratulations to the Elkhart Lake First Responders on their latest addition and may they need it sparingly, but use it well when they do.

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