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To the Editor:

Did creating the EPA solve all of our environmental woes? Did creating countless drug task forces, and a so called “War on Drugs” solve the problem of drug use? Actually an argument could be made that they actually have a negative effect on what they are suppose to be improving. When the all powerful government comes up with an agency or a plan to solve a societal problem it creates a wave of apathy in society. In today’s America we have a population that wants to rely and depend on the government for just about everything. So when Uncle Sam says he’s going to solve a problem like the drug problem with a “War on Drugs” those people feel all fuzzy inside and let their guard down and entrust a bunch of people they don’t know and have never seen or much less voted for to do societies work for them.

So on to the current problem, has the Department of Education made America into a country that’s leading the world in educating our youth, or since its creation has the success of our educational system plummeted? Well, here’s the negative affect of Uncle Sam’s involvement again, many parents (not all) have over the years entrusted a bunch of unelected bureaucrats to come up with the best way to educate their youth. Has Arne Duncan (the head of the Dept. of ED.) or any of these people in Washington D.C. spent a day with your child? Do they know anything about your child’s academic interests, where they excel, or where they may not excel? It seems quite obvious that keeping education as fluid as possible seems the best way to solve its problems. Just as it would be ridiculous to tell every scientist or researcher they had to follow a certain set of standards to find the cure to cancer, it seems equally as insane to tell every school across America they have to follow the same standards to educate our children.

Common Core is a set of educational standards that ultimately forces teachers to follow Curriculum that was created in some far off place by people we don’t know. There is a lot of minutia involved in this topic, from the fact that Bill Gates and software companies already have 100’s of millions of dollars invested in it, to the lie that it was created by the Governors association. More like approved by the Governors association because of the federal money attached.

I want to stick to 2 simple points, if something is wrong with my child’s education currently or I want input in what is taught or how its taught. I can call my local school board member and talk to them, or heck, I can even run for school board and make change myself. If some unelected overpaid official in Washington D.C. is making the standards how do I get ahold of them. My guess is it will start out by “please press 1 for English” and I will get some automated response. We also know how slow the federal government fixes things even when they know they screwed them up. Is that a risk your willing to take with your child’s education?

Point two, even the most progressive liberals should agree with me on this. DIVERSITY! Are 10th graders in Alabama the same as 10th graders in Rhode Island? Do you think a school in New Jersey has as much focus on agriculture as schools in Wisconsin? With Common Core standards requiring schools to pass federalized tests to maintain their districts’ standings and funding, do you think overtime, elective classes will be the ones cut? I loved Wisconsin Studies in high school, but why would a teacher choose to write his or her own curriculum on that if they can get one from Bill Gates that follows the common core to a T?

If you keep government small “We The People” and you as an individual has more influence. And if you keep education as close to home you get more diversity. Common Core is not the answer, the answer is YOU the parent getting off your duff and participating in your child’s education.

For more info on Common Core Standards come see Dr. Duke Pesta speak on March 13th at 6:30 p.m. at the GOP headquarters 1122 Indiana Ave. Sheboygan.

Dan Jones

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