To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the article published on January 16, 2014, “School Board seat will remain vacant until April election”.

In this article, there was mention of concerns regarding the security of the Parkview and Fairview Elementary Schools.

As a former student of the Plymouth School District and a current student at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, I am concerned that if it was decided by the board NOT to update the systems, children’s safety would be at risk.

The issue is that in order to update these systems it would cost approximately $15,000 and it was stated that there is not a budget to add $15,000.

I greatly encourage the district to increase security at Parkview and Fairview because the central idea of spending this money is for the safety of the children.

All the staff members have a key to access the building. If one key gets lost, think of the potential danger if that key ended up in the wrong hands.

It has also been brought to my attention that both elementary schools’ front doors are left unlocked during the school day so that the public can come and go. Is this really a situation the school should be in?

I have volunteered at the local elementary schools in Whitewater, WI. They have a buzz-in monitoring system so that the school is secured throughout the school day. When I would arrive to volunteer, I pressed a button which directed me to the office where I stated my purpose for entering the school.

After I would be verified, I would be allowed to enter the building. This is a system that works for other schools, and we have seen these systems already at work within our own school district.

I have to ask those who are reluctant to spend this much money, how is the buzz-in monitoring system not making the school safer?

After the first class bell rings, all doors would be locked including the front entrance, forcing visitors throughout the day to buzz-in to the office.

When it comes down to spending $15,000 to update the security systems of Parkview and Fairview, to keep children safe in their schools, how can we not opt for the safety of the children?

Thank you,
Megan Olig

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