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To the Editor:

In his letter to the editor published in The Sheboygan Falls News on March 5, Wally Endsley suggested that “We are all reasonable people. Reasonable people would say let’s pay off the elementary school first, and then think about building another school.”

I wanted to step up and say that Wally doesn’t speak for me, or most of my neighbors.

In a time when students across the country are falling behind their competitors around the globe, sending kids to a school that is falling apart, lacks current technology, and isn’t built for a 21st century education is what seems unreasonable to me.

Wally goes on to suggest that “We are generous. We are currently paying $12,950 per student per year to educate a student.”

What he doesn’t mention is that Sheboygan Falls pays less than the average Wisconsin district.

Over the last five years, the cost per student average in Sheboygan Falls was $11,488 per year.

The statewide average was $12,452 per year. (Information gathered from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website)

Wally, I don’t think you’re a “tight wad,” as you claim to have heard others say.

I just don’t think that you’ve got a grasp on how far our kids are falling behind, or just how important a premium education is – not only to our kids, but to their eventual families, their careers, our community, and the future of our economy.

I understand there are people out there on a fixed income.

We’re talking about $7 a month on a $100,000 home.

Isn’t $7 a bargain for such an investment in our community, and our kids?

Vote YES on April 1st.

Christian Ellis
Sheboygan Falls

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