To the Editor:

When you read a cartoon or even a political cartoon you expect it to have at least a modicum of humor. Even if the artist is lampooning my candidate or my side of an issue, a good cartoon will bring an acknowledgement of wit, maybe even a chuckle. Good political cartoons will have some basis in fact at someone’s expense.

Then there is the political cartoon that The Review published on March 11. That piece depicted tea party Republicans as against anything that encourages critical thinking, which might turn students into better informed citizens and voters. That is not a cartoon. That is a political hatchet job meant to capture the minds of anyone not informed enough about the cur- rent political debates to discriminate between good humor and trash.

I would like to think that all sides of the debate on Common Core State Standards would have the welfare and educational interests of the children in mind. The only disagreements should be regarding the best methods for accomplishing that goal. I do not think that is totally true. I do believe that a large portion of the education establishment would prefer that unhappy moms, dads, and grandparents not challenge their professionalism. Many are more interested in covering their backside or negotiating for wages and benefits than what is best for the children.

Don’t expect our news sources to honestly describe the motives and principles of Republicans, conservatives, or the tea party. Don’t expect those same reporters to challenge the educational establishment or the political network that supports and protects it. Ain’t gonna happen.

Dennis Gasper

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