Howards Grove to install 4-way stops at two intersections

by Steve Ottman Review Correspondent

HOWARDS GROVE.Trustee Ed Pahl, chairman of the Public Safety Committee, reported to the Village Board on a recent public safety meeting at which Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Deputy Pat Tuttle explained that installing four-way stop signs would slow traffic on Appletree Road in the village.

Following a discussion, the committee recommended four-way stop signs at Appletree Road and Forest Hills Drive and Appletree Road and Bittersweet Lane.

Trustee Jeff Plass made a motion to approve the four-way stop signs and the motion carried by unanimous voice vote.

The Finance Committee recom- mended to disallowing a claim from Sean and Terry Latham regarding paying veterinarian invoices for their dog, which was injured in a village park.

After a brief discussion by the board regarding notifying Latham’s of claim decision by Statewide Services, it was decided to send a certified letter to Lathams to inform them of the decision to disallow the claim.

The Finance Committee recommended leasing a new copier for the clerk’s office. Plass made a motion for the village to sign a 60-month lease, not to exceed $150 a month, for the new printer/copier machine for the Village Hall office.

The Finance Committee also recommended to cancel the Accounting Services contract with BS&A software and purchase Workhorse Software.

Clerk/Treasurer Jo Ann Lesser was directed to send an email notifying BS&A of the decision regarding software, to be followed with a certified letter to detail canceling the contract with BS&A software.

A recommendation from Finance Committee was made to move or cancel the April 1 Village Board meeting. The board discussed either moving the meeting to April 2 or canceling it if there are no pressing issues. The board will be notified by Clerk/Treasurer Lesser via email if the meeting date is changed or cancelled.

The Finance Committee recommended closing the Capitol One credit card account. Plass will contact the previous clerk/treasurer to cancel the card and report back to the Village Board.

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