Camisha Miller

Prior political experience: Campaigned for alderperson in District 2 in 2013.

Children: Stepdaughter Taylor, age 9, attends Fairview Elementary

Bio: My husband Justin Miller and my stepdaughter Taylor have lived in Plymouth since 2008 and my husband is also an Alumni of Plymouth High School class of 1997. I previously held the position of Youth Coordinator for the Plymouth School District’s Community Education & Recreation Department, which serviced the Plymouth Youth Center’s after-school programming. I am currently involved in the Plymouth Foundation’s Food Science & Agriculture Center Capital Campaign Committee, a Panther Panel Wellness member, as well as a member of the Community Education & Recreation Advisory Council. In addition, I am currently the Vice President of the Fairview Elementary School’s PTO.

1. Why are you a candidate for the Plymouth School Board?

I was raised in a family dynamic while I attended the Grafton School District that was extremely involved in our school activities & I was encouraged growing up to do the same thing. I am extremely proud of the Plymouth School District’s work that they have embraced, and it is my passion to continue to partake in the District’s endeavors.

2 . What skills do you bring to the school board?

I graduated Grafton High School in 1998 and I was extremely active in athletics & other extracurricular activities while I was a school district member/resident. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 2002 with an emphasis in Public Relations and English writing. I feel the skills and all of my professional experience are assets to the responsibilities that a school board member has to have.

3. What actions and/or policies will you initiate?

I strongly support the

Pillars of Excellence & the Panther Talk initiatives, which are designed to listen to the community at large and bridge gaps between different entities. I also support our educational goals as a district and would like to see even more progress being made to promote extra activities in every diverse entity.

4. What are the greatest needs of the Plymouth School District?

I believe the PSD needs to continue on the work in the financial pillars, as well as trying to work with every student in the district to connect with home schooled students and the private sector students.

5. What are your ideas for solving the budget shortfall forecast in the near future?

There are numerous grant opportunities to visit, as well as continuing to look at ad- tional revenue streams, including but not limited to virtual classes, online core work and continuing to embrace our wonderful science and technology ventures, FBLA (business and marketing) work and FFA projects.

6. Where do you want our schools to be in five years? How will we know we’ve gotten there?

I would like to see all of the schools having the same security systems, as well as continue to help our financial pillar grow sturdy and to see our student enrollment increase. They both go hand-in-hand. In addition I would like to see more students in extra-curricular activities, as well as more parent involvement. We have so many avenues to adhere to these goals and embrace Plymouth Pride in doing so. We will know we have gotten there by how many of our students are active in a community that supports them and are highly active in statewide, national and global causes. I also would like to continue in our efforts in measuring the longevity of educators staying in a district. I believe knowing this speaks highly to the administration and its policies and procedures.

7. What should high school students know upon graduation?

They should know how important it is to support a community and a district that whole-heartily supported them & they should feel strongly about giving back and working hard at whichever path they choose to follow after the leave PHS.

8. Is there anything else you want voters to know about you?

I have always said that there is no greater joy than to give back to a community at large that you believe in. I know it’s never about the destination but the joy of the journey and it is my hope I receive your vote to take strides in continuing to better the future while Embracing Plymouth Pride!

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