There was a whole lot of nothing going on

Emmitt B. Feldner  for The Review

Last week I wrote about our three-day getaway to the Lac Vieux Desert Resort Casino in Upper Michigan and I promised this week I’d write about doing whatever else there was to do there.

Truth is, there was nothing else to do there except for what I wrote about last week – gambling and eating – so I guess that’s the end of this column.

See you next week.

All right, so that wasn’t all we had to do, and I do have to fill this space with something, so let me get back to our adventures in Watersmeet.

As I wrote last week, we arrived there on a Monday in the snow. It snowed on Tuesday, and it was snowing again Wednesday when we left to head back home – this was the UP, after all, and it was still March.

Had it been, say, July, we might have missed the snow – but even that’s not a sure thing up there.

Fortunately, once I got all our bags and things up to the room, we didn’t have to go anywhere outside the resort for the rest of our stay.

We had a room on the second floor, which seems to be the standard with free motel rooms.

We used a couple of free night rewards a year ago when we spent a week in Kentucky and for each of those they put us on the top floor of the motel as well.

The couple of nights we did pay full price for a room – in Kentucky or last fall when we were at Lac Vieux Desert for a wedding – we were given rooms on the first floor.

Of course, one of those motels only had one floor, but if we’d been using a free night, I’m guessing they would have put us on the roof.

Fortunately, our second-floor room at LVD – the motel only has two floors, so we didn’t have to go any higher – was close to the stairs and the elevator, so we didn’t have far to go.

They did have a pool and a hot tub, so we spent some of our time lounging and relaxing in there.

Being a resort casino, I was afraid we were going to have to plug nickels or quarters in a machine to get the bubbles going in the hot tub, but that wasn’t the case fortunately.

There was also a small gift shop, so Terry got to enjoy her favorite pursuit – shopping.

Naturally, we did some shopping on the way home as well, since Terry can only go so long without shopping, especially when she’s on vacation.

We also stopped at a small winery on the way home to do a little tasting – not quite enough to forget the snow still outside, but enough to keep us warm for the rest of the drive home.

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