Adell proves that every single vote counts

ONE OF THE MOST common comments many people have about elections is, “Why should I vote? My vote doesn’t count.”

That argument never really holds water, but it is especially untrue in elections that invariably draw the smallest voter turnouts – local elections.

That is where we elect those whose decisions and votes will have the greatest impact on our dayto day lives right here where we live - how our children are educated, what the quality of life will be in our hometown, what our local tax bill will be and much, much more.

Yet, year in and year out, they are the elections at which the fewest people vote.

While there might be some doubt - unfounded as it might be - about the impact of a single vote in a presidential election where more than 125 million votes are cast, there should be no doubt about the impact in a county, city, town, village or School Board election where the total vote numbers in the hundreds, or even less.

That lesson was borne out once again right here in Sheboygan County, in the village of Adell, in last Tuesday’s general election.

Voters in the village had a choice among four candidates for three positions on the Village Board.

Incumbent Trustee Kim Peterson finished first in the voting with 54 votes, while Brian Parr finished second with 51 votes. But there was no decision for the third and final seat, as incumbent Jane Schneider and challenger Jim Jentsch finished in a flat-footed tie with 40 votes each.

The winner - Schneider - was chosen by lot by the village’s Board of Canvassers at a meeting

Tuesday - not by the residents of the village of


The decision was made not at the polls, but with a deck of cards (Schneider had the high card, an ace of hearts), because not everyone felt it was important enough to take a little time out of their day last Tuesday and go cast their vote for the people who run the village in which they live.

It would have taken just one more Adell resident to go to the polls and put their mark beside one of those two names to decide that election.

Granted, a tie vote like that is a rare occurrence, but it is not the first time that it is happened right here in Sheboygan County just in the last decade or so.

It should serve as a stark reminder once again of the importance of every single vote, in every single election.

The next time you hear someone say, “I’m not going to vote because my vote doesn’t count,” just remind them of the village of Adell in 2014 - then go cast your vote and make it count.

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Tied Village Board race
Bottom line:
One vote does make a difference

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