The stars came out indoors for our youngest grandson

Emmitt B. Feldner  for The Review

Our youngest grandson got to see stars at our house over the weekend – and neither of his grandparents laid a hand on him.

Nolan stayed overnight with us over the weekend while his mother and older brother, Ty, were on a quick trip to California.

Somebody had to get Nolan off to the babysitter and then school Monday, since his father leaves for work well before the sun is up in the morning – they tell me the sun comes up in the morning, I’m never up to see it – so that fell to us.

Ethan originally wanted us to come out to their house Monday morning when he left for work, but we quickly talked him out of that idea – we don’t do that early in the morning unless somebody is paying us for it, and he wasn’t.

So Nolan came over Sunday to stay overnight with Grandma and Grandpa.

When he arrived, Nolan wanted to know whether he was going to be sleeping in Aiden’s bedroom.

We told him he got his own bedroom – which is actually our other spare bedroom and was, at one time or another, his father’s bedroom, his uncle’s bedroom and even his aunt’s bedroom.

It also serves as our guest bedroom for adult visitors, since it’s larger and has a bigger bed than our other spare bedroom, where Aiden usually stays.

Unfortunately, the smaller spare bedroom has also become something of an accessory storage area, so it’s getting even smaller.

It means Aiden will probably have to switch bedrooms the next time he comes – unless his mother or his mother and father stay overnight as well and take the bigger bedroom.

It was close to his bedtime when Nolan arrived, but before he headed to bed Grandma asked him what he wanted for breakfast in the morning.

She had plenty for him to choose from – making meals for her grandchildren is one of Grandma’s favorite pastimes – everything from cereal to pancakes to bacon and eggs, and more.

Nolan listened to all the choices and told Grandma he wanted pizza.

It must be something with four-year-old grandsons – pizza is Aiden’s favorite food, too.

Aiden could probably eat pizza at every meal, if he was given the chance – although he has yet to ask for it for breakfast at our house.

If he reads this, or somebody reads it to him, he probably will – and will wonder why he never thought of it before.

Grandma did convince Nolan that pizza wasn’t one of the breakfast options, so he finally settled on pancakes before he went to bed.

One of the features of the larger spare bedroom is a leftover from when his uncle called it his bedroom.

We painted the ceiling in the room a midnight blue color, then Terry went out and bought a whole bunch of stick-on, glow-inthe dark plastic stars, moons and planets to put up on the ceiling – creating an indoor night sky in the room.

Even though Alex gave up that bedroom a decade or so ago, his night sky is still on the ceiling.

Nolan saw that and thought it was pretty cool – making him the latest to think so, although most of the adult guests who have stayed in that room over the years have never commented on the starry view.

Fortunately, staring at the stars didn’t keep Nolan up all night, although he was awake in the bed and staring at the ceiling Monday morning when Grandma got up for the day and checked on him.

She got him his pancakes for breakfast – complete with butter and syrup – then left for work, leaving me to get him ready to go to the babysitter.

We were just getting ready to head out the door when I got a call from Nolan’s big brother, Ty, informing us that he and his mother would be by in about 20 minutes to pick Nolan up.

Apparently, Ty and his mother caught the red eye home from California and were picking him up on their way home.

Sharon had left that information for Ethan, but it was just one more piece of information that somehow got lost in the communication.

But no matter, Nolan got to see the stars come out at Grandma and Grandpa’s, and that’s what counted most.

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