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To the Editor:

A career politician works in politics for a period significantly greater than that spent working in an outside field. Career politicians quickly learn all the “tricks” to help them stay in office.

Most new politicians are altruistic, and run based on a desire to genuinely make a difference. But once in Madison, the power of party leaders, the influence of lobbyists, and the money can result in some politicians who eventually do not represent ALL of their constituents.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a special interest group that has influenced much of the controversial legislation these past four years. ALEC promotes legislation from corporations, and they work with state politicians to vote behind closed doors to try to rewrite state laws that govern our rights. Along with the legislation, ALEC appears to help legislators use “talking points” that are designed to convince voters that the legislation is actually coming from constituents. These “talking points” are repeated over and over again in the media and in legislators’ updates.

I think it’s time to have Madison stand up for regular folks, not just the people with deep pockets. My senator, Joe Leibham, has been in the legislature for 16 years and has a highly favorable rating for supporting and sometimes sponsoring ALEC legislation. His opponent in this election, Martha Laning is one of those new politicians who want to bring Republicans and Democrats together in the 9th District and in Madison after years of partisanship and gridlock. Her private and public sector experiences have shown her firsthand how much citizens of any party can accomplish when people work together to take on a challenge.

Learn as much as you can about these candidates. Find out about their life experiences, their accomplishments, their motivations, and their genuineness.

Deb Klock

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