November choice

To the Editor:

On Election Day in November, we voters in State Senate District #9 will have a choice: the incumbent, and four more years of the majority party ramming through its regressive agenda, or a new progressive advocate for middle class families: Martha Laning.

Although a newcomer to the political arena, Laning is prepared to take on the challenges of serving the citizens of District 9 and of Wisconsin. With an MBA in Finance and experience working for a large corporation, Laning understands the principles of economics and good business practices; she will fight to make sure that the state budget adequately supports public schools, job training, and health and safety services instead of catering to wealthy donors and special interests.

Moreover, Laning has shown that she knows how to bring people together to solve problems and to accomplish great things. Sheboygan County’s beautiful Intergenerational Center in Plymouth is the result of Laning’s leadership. It was a dream that became a reality due to her skill in bringing all the stakeholders together to make it happen.

That skill is exactly what we need in Madison. Too often over the past four years, instead of listening to concerns and trying to find solutions that do not pit one group of citizens against another, the leadership has stifled debate and has pushed through legislation that has divided the good people of our state in an unprecedented way. Indeed, policies of the Walker administration have driven a wedge between family members and have destroyed friendships.

We can all agree that such policies and practices are no way to run a government for the people. Martha Laning is devoted to changing that. She is a moderate who will work across both aisles to find solutions that will bring us back together.

Lei Lund
Elkhart Lake

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