Walleye on the Mississippi

Hubbard’s Fishing Float is located on the Mississippi River, of the most reliable places that I be reached by boat.

- ing over night on my good buddy pal from Prairie du Chien, Gary Howe, since about 1998.

This week Gary and I returned and, as usual, had a whole bunch of fun.

Wednesday, April 9

High 68, Low 37

Here is the scoop if you want to learn about and possibly check hot spot. However, if you want, all you have to do is park your car at the public boat landing just below and Bill will come by with a boat and pick you up.

I love this place and today after saying hi to Bill (608-732-1084) and moving into our sleeping quarters, we hit the river and tried - tical jigging for walleye. Intense we did what we should have in a late afternoon and long night of

that as always, some of the hottest “sticks” on the river were here for the night and they were catching walleye and sauger. There were took some nice catches of walleye home when Bill made the last run of the day back to shore.

I learned long ago to enjoy the river and the people, and hope that I catch a walleye or two when I am out here. I will never be competition for the likes of Bill, Steve Davidson, Jason Gallup or Eric Carmen when it comes to jigging for walleye.

Gary and I saw Jason and Eric and it was quite the honor. These fellas are from the Charles City, Iowa, area and are the best sticks I have ever seen. We met them back in the late ‘90s when they were in high school and when they heard we were going to be here they took time off from work to catch walleye and hang out with us.

Now they are in there mid 30s, taking kids turkey hunting this weekend and a blast to hang out with.

From 4-8:00 this afternoon and evening, I saw the four men I mentioned above and a few others - tion while jigging for walleye and not a one of them uses minnows.

people are really polite and conversations are nonstop and often seem to be about hunting and have learned, Gary and I are kind of the class clowns and we create a lot of laughter.

my own “how- to-catch-walleye school.” Steve Davidson, who is from the Richland Center area, and helps Bill out, gave me some that, I landed a beautiful 4-pound walleye.

The current can be intense here and you have to understand weight and color of what you are throwing, combined with the light bite of a sauger, and the solid thump of a 6-pound walleye that as of today was still full of spawn.

Tonight it was all old friends one heck of a restaurant on our home away from home, created an told a ton of really funny stories from years past, and Gary and I

was up at 7:00 and Bill was a very busy man. He will be very busy until November – cooking, haul-

polite as well as interesting and them caught a 10.3-pounder and another caught a 7.8 and they both released them so that they could let go of their spawn and keep alive.

All of my old buddies on this trip chase walleye, then bass, stripers fall when the walleye and sauger action leads to ice and winter.

For 18 bucks for a day trip or a bit more for an overnight stay, how can this not be money well spent?

Still love my job!


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